Judy’s passion and desire is to help other survivors and their caregivers who are experiencing the same or similar realities.

Judy is able to travel anywhere in the United States to tell her story so that all may benefit from hearing about someone battling heart disease.

Judy Strnad, Scrambled Connections, LLC, CEO, was invited to attend the HEARTCHASE event meeting through the American Heart Association in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky on Friday, March 24, 2017. Judy presented her story to 15 HEARTCHASE committee members and spoke about surviving cardiac arrest in 2010, and her continued fight with heart disease. Judy spoke about the difficulty that all heart patients face. Judy also spoke about the trauma faced by heart event survivors and included what caregivers experience at the time of a heart event and then being the primary caregiver of their love one.

The response to Judy’s presentation was affirming to all in the meeting demonstrating WHY they volunteer for the American Heart Association. “When anyone comes and provides a Mission Moment (presentation) for us, it brings home the message as to WHY we participate with the HEARTCHASE event with the American Heart Association. The goal of the Chase is to raise funds for research and programming for heart patients and their caregivers and to “CHASE AWAY HEART DISEASE!”

Judy is available to travel anywhere within the United States of America. She believes that hearing a Sudden Cardiac Survivor’s story helps people in our communities understand the need to help others who might be in the same battle – to live well with heart disease.

Judy can provide information and a realistic view of the difficulties and triumphs she continues to experience since February 2010. She will share how she manages each day living with heart disease, in conjunction with, a brain injury.

Judy is available to speak at, but not limited to, public and/or private forums on the following topics:

Her Story:
• As a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and living with Anoxic Brain Injury (ABI).
• The stigma of having a brain injury and the impact it could have in the workplace and on friends and family members.

• Development of a strong partnership with your entire medical team.
• Goal-setting for yourself with your entire medical team.
• Self-advocacy and how that plays an important role in achieving your medical needs.
• Being CPR certified and successfully working with EMT’s
• Finding the right doctor(s) who can provide a comprehensive evaluation.

Overall Health Importance:
• “Do your own research” how it helps in facilitating a positive change.
• Incorporating humor and how it is therapeutic in the healing process.
• Development of new coping mechanisms.
• Three (3) essential elements are key:

  • A healthy diet
  • A regular exercise program developed by you and your medical team
  • A positive environment to minimize the desire to isolate oneself



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