Welcome to the Survivor’s Blog on the Scrambled Connections, LLC™ website. I encourage you to join the Scrambled Connections journey we are about to embark on together. The survivor’s blog is intended to provide information on surviving with struggles after experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and/or living with an Anoxic Brain Injury/Brain Injury. I also encourage you to visit the Caregiver’s and the Friends and Family blogs as the information will give you another perspective on the challenges providing care for a family member or friend recovering from these traumatic events can bring. For those of us who are living with heart disease and functioning daily with a brain injury, I cannot impress upon you enough that the role of caregiver, family and friend is challenging in different ways. Over the years I have learned that the role they play is imperative to our daily recovery activities. I am keenly aware that caregivers especially do not get the help or assistance that patients receive. Patients focus on getting through the day putting one foot in front of the other and making it look as easy as possible for the sake of our loved ones. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty Pat has experienced with me. As “Our Story” stated, “Pat didn’t know that she was bringing home an entirely different person.” I had no idea that I was different because I have no memory of the event taking place, so I got up the morning after I got home from the hospital, opened my laptop, and began responding to emails. Pat was horrified and said, “What are you doing?” I responded, “working like I always do.” Do you recognize the disconnect?
If you have found this first blog and have questions or want to comment on the content, please go to the Contact Us page on our website and complete the inquiry form. I know that Pat and I are not the only individuals that have had this experience. We know there are a lot of individuals and families that have had experiences that are the same or similar. We also know how difficult it was for us to understand what we were living through and therefore we didn’t know where to get help in coping with the new realities. It is due to this experience that we decided we wanted to begin helping anyone who is dealing with like experiences. We know how hard it is and all the challenges that come with this. We also believe that remaining silent and not sharing our story is something we could no longer do. Silence helps no one.
Welcome to Scrambled Connections, LLC. Please join us on this journey – you will be in good company.